24/7 Damage Restoration in DC


This is a wonderful company with a high quality service standard. They arrived, they fixed, they left. No hassle, no trouble. I also love the fact that I need not trouble myself dealing with the insurance company.  Everything was done by the crew of DC Damage restoration.

Thank you for a professional service. I would gladly recommend your company to any of my associates.

James R.

I already had the bulk of water dried out so I had the time to do the research. Even when considering that the insurance company is paying for damages I wanted a good job in order to avoid mold growth in the future.

After reading a lot of reviews (and I do mean a lot) I became a bit skeptical but I decided to choose DDR Restoration. They arrived at the same day, spotted the issues and brought equipment.

I must say that I was impressed at the speed and the technician explained this is necessary in order to dry out any hidden moist deposits to avoid further damage in the future.

I am no big expert but since the repair I encountered no additional issues. The work was done fast and in an organized manner.

Arthur Aharonovitz

After talking to a nice guy at my home insurance company (they exists!) I started looking for a damage restoration company. I contacted DCR Restoration to learn how everything works.  The sales representative was courteous and helpful.

My basement was flooded with water due to a leaky water heater. DCR restoration sent a technician to review the damage and after agreeing on the details did a marvelous job drying out the basement, clearing all moist and resorting my basement to a working order.

These are true professional and did a wonderful job.

Paul M.

This review is something I tried to get around to writing the past three months. I want to specifically thank James for the extra attention and patience while helping us repair water damages in the past winter.

DDR restoration did a fantastic job and might I add a speedy repair job. We also received a complete and detailed report of the repair and some interesting moist statistics.

Thanks a lot, Would definitely contact you in the future

Bruce L.

This company is definitely a great service provider. No empty promises, just pure hard work and some amazing technologies. Fast and professional fix to our kitchen and living room which got damaged in a home fire.

Thank you for all the hard work. I am glad I get the opportunity to share my experience with others.

Best Regards, Wendy.

Wendy N.

Jack is just the kind of person you want near you when facing a flooded basement. We are talking about an experienced restoration guy that knows his stuff and took care of everything efficiently and in a calm and organized way.

The crew spent 40 minutes testing, viewing and finding the source of the flood, spotting the damaged areas and building a work plan. Everything was dried, cleaned and returned to mint condition in 3 days. Thanks a lot for all your hard work.

Jennifer A.