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Water damage restoration

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Water damages could be a serious issue that worsens as time passes. Locked moisture, hidden leaks, Rotting wood in your home foundations, rusted and corroded cables, mold infestation and additional damage is just the beginning.

DDR Restoration is full service, reliable and well renown damage restoration company. We provide a complete all included restoration service in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia and deal directly with your insurance company. Don’t delay, contact us today for a free appraisal.

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Water damages

We restore, clean and fix any type of damages created by water, hidden moister and any other related damages. Take the first step as soon as possible and contact Washington DC damage restoration experts today.
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Flood Damage restoration

There could be many reasons for a flood, both external reason like a storm or poor infrastructure in your building. Flooded basements, rooms or locked water should be dealt with quickly to avoid lasting damages. Contact us today 24/7 for a fast resolution.
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Leaking roof repair

A recent storm left you with a leaky roof? Water tripled and created damage? We provide a complete dry out service, recognizing damages areas, hidden water deposits and restoring your home to mint condition.
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Mold Remediation

The dangers of hidden or visible mold are well known. The symptoms can accompany you months or even years before you discover the mold is cause! Discovered mold in your home? Contact us today for a quick and permanent mold remediation.
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DDR Restoration specializes in restoring homes and businesses afflicted by floods, broken pipes, exploded water heater. We remove any trace of moister, drying out every hidden spots, fixing the cause of the leak and will provide you with detailed report and measurements.

Contact us today at any hour for a free consult with a damage restoration expert. We provide high quality, professional restoration service in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. At your service, DDR Restoration.