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DDR Restoration service provides a complete damage restoration service anywhere in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. If you're looking for an experience, fast, affordable mold remediation expert DDR Restoration is here to the rescue.

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detect mold

Find hidden colonies of mold

The first step in every mold remediation process is to find it. though its usually easy to spot mold colonies it's important to know that many parts of that colony is hidden and might spread to hidden wooden bars and insulation materials.

We use our 20+ years of experience combined with smart tools to detect pockets of moist and mold infestation hidden inside walls so provide you with a complete mold removal service.

contain mold

Contain the Mold and prepare a plan

After tracking down every mold colony we start by containing it using physical barriers thus cutting off its spreading into new areas while we treat the infected area (mold releases spoors into the air when being moved).

Sometimes we need to use a special method called negative air in order to decrease the movement of air and the air pressure in the affected area.

remove mold

Remove mold and restore!

The last step in every Mold remediation project is ofcourse getting rid of the mold. Sometimes there is a need to cut it with the part of the it grew on or it will grow out again.

In such cases we also restore those areas after removing them meaning we reconstruct them mold free!

Remove mold before it spreads!

No problem! Our restoration are always here – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide you with additional information, answer any question and set up a visit by out builders team.

We take great pride in providing a fast mold removal service and handle any billing directly with your insurance company. At your service – DDR Damage Restoration.