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Fire Damage Restoration

Home fires can vary in the amount of damage they leave. If you had a controlled, localized fire you're probably left with a lot of damage but damage you fix! Burned kitchen, damages floor, damaged roof etc are all fixable things with the right damage restoration company at your side.

DDR Restoration provides an emergency damage restoration service in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. We work directly with your insurance company and supply them with all the paperwork and documentation needed minimize your expense.

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repair walls

Walls & flooring reconstruction

Many home fires are localized fires and damage a specific wall the area around it. Don’t worry, we can repair or reconstruct that wall in no time and enable your family resume your life.

We provide any type of damage restoration service 24 hours of the day 7 days with a team of highly skilled restoration experts.

kitchen remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling

A common home fire is a kitchen fire. The volatile mix of oil, cooking and our busy life styles leads to people forgetting / not keeping an eye on the cooking pen which leads to many kitchen fires.

Looking for a kitchen remodeling expert? Contact us today! We provide the complete service and would completely remodel your kitchen, any electric wiring damaged in the fire, flooring, ceiling etc.

soot removal

Soot removal

Soot might seem like dirt but it's not (don’t try to remove it alone). During the fire many acidic materials are released in the smoke which later on turns into Soot and can corrode metal, walls, furniture and other materials

Damage restoration experts have the protective gear needed to clean smoke and soot and return wall surrounding the center of the fire to mint condition.

DDR Restoration – At your service

Looking for a damage restoration expert in your home town? DDR restoration was established back in 1992. We have been servicing the people of Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia for 20+ years and helped countless home owners and businesses recover after harsh storms, floods and home fires.

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