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What is black mold?

We all heard about the existence of black mold at one time or another. If your here i would even venture and add that you've probably discovered some type of mold in your home and are trying to determine if you a black mold infestation and if so, what's all the fuss about - right?

Today i want to teach you all about black mold, what it is, how does it look and much more. If you are just looking for a professional (and i mean that in the most literal way) service provider to rid you home of mold, call us now:  (855) 201-8918

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What is black mold

Black mold is a common form of mold (and an infamous one). This type of mold is usually harmful to people and can cause many serious to mild side effects and medical conditions.

On the left you can find 4 examples of black mold found it homes across DC and Maryland.

If you discovered black mold in your home you should not overlook or ignore it! 

Stachybotrys - The Science

The scientific name of the black (sometimes a bit greenish on the edges) is Stachybotrys. This type of mold is very prevalent in areas where there is more moisture but can start with a temporary water leak, roof leek, hidden drop ext. but in any case its something that you need to take care of.

Why is it so dangerous?

Stachybotrys, also known as black mold is considered to be dangerous because it produces mycotoxins which may cause a variety of symptoms including:

  • Problems in the respiratory system
  • Rash and skin inflammations
  • Chronic Tiredness and eye redness
  • Learn More: Facts & Symptoms

Removing Black Mold? Contact the experts

Removing black mold is no small task. Mold can grow inside and trough dry walls, wood and other materials. We start the process with a free no-obligation mold test to verify you are not in danger. Then, we contain, quarantine and start removing the mold. Part of the process is trying to avoid recurrence by finding the reason you had moist and water in that area of your home.

We provide professional mold remediation service in Washington DC, Maryland and northern Virginia. Contact us today for a free mold test and additional information about cleaning your home from mold.

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