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Mold Cleanup Tips and Techniques

I know... you are not a professional mold expert. However, there some cases where you can use your wits and a little bit of cleaning materials to clean mold by yourself. If you dont like the hassle we are here for you. Contact us at (855) 201-8918.

Should you attempt to clean the mold by yourself? There some considerations to keep in mind while thinking what to do such as the size of the affected area, the material infected by mold and the reason you got mold to begin with. If the entire area is soaked with water or you have a structural problem which causes moist to concentrate in a specific area its time to call the experts.

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Find the leak and fix it!

Start by understanding why you got a mold problem? Mold needs water or moist to thrive and usually we are not talking about a limited one time supply of water but rather a constant supply of steam / moist or actual water. So, the first step is to "stop the leak". Sometimes, to stop the mold you requires a small localized renovation . Your home insurance would most likely cover the expense.

steam cleaning

Scrub mold off hard surfaces

Cleaning the mold itself is not an easy task. On many instances you will find that the mold burried itself  inside dry walls. These types of materials may have to be throwen away / cut out. A good material to clean hard surfaces is bleach - it kills mold and leaves the surface jerm free. Other materials like wood, dry walls, fabrics and similer materials must be replaced.

painting on mold

Paint won't solve the problem

I cant tell you how many times i have seen it... Tough not pleasant to the touch you can try and touch the mold. This would reveal an interesting fact. mold is oily and thus won't allow any paint to be applied on. Furthermore, dry wood and similar (even if clean) still has mold inside it which will re-grow on the new color.

man with N-95 respirator

Keep exposure to a minimum

Even while cleaning moldy areas you must limit your exposure to a minimum. All the comotion causes the mold to release spores which you end up breathing or gets caught on your clothing. You should buy and use an N-95 respirator, equip yourself with gloves and goggles and remember to wash your clothing on high temperature when done.

Need assistance? Contact the experts!

We encourage you to try and clean mold by yourself. However, if you found a big infestation or one that cannot be cleaned easily it's time to contact the experts. DDR Restoration is a locally owned and managed damage restoration company location in Washington DC.

We provide professional mold remediation and water damage restoration in Washington DC, Maryland and northern Virginia and work directly with your insurance company. Contact us at any time for additional information and a free no-obligation mold test.

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