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3 Common Types Of Garage Doors


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The most prominent element of the home, especially when it comes to the working part is the Garage door. This is why it is crucial to be extremely careful when buying one.  A garage door is often a large type of door that is being manually or electrically controlled when it comes to opening and they have the ability to accommodate vehicles and automobiles.

Garage doors vary a lot and sometimes it depends on the taste of a home owner. One could prefer to use smaller type of garage door or use larger type. The probability of installing the automated operated type and manual type is however dependent on the home owner. Garage doors are often weighed to be around 181.4kg or more, but no matter how many pounds, it weighs, a torsion spring system or a pair of extension springs is used mostly in balancing it during installation.

Would you like to go for a garage door and you don’t know what to go for?

Types of Garage doors

Basically, the types of garage doors that are commonly found are defined according to their mechanical functions. With this, 3 most common types of garage doors are identified and they include:


This is the major type of garage door installed in many homes in the US today. The door has 5-8 horizontal panels and slides up/overhead. The horizontal panels are connected with hinges. The hinges are used as a means of allowing the door to roll up inside of the garage and over the top of a vehicle, laying plane on rails as it makes its way in

It is somehow similar to the monolithic door because it occupies equivalent internal garage space

Single Panel

This is a type of garage door manufacture from a single monolithic panel. When closed, it opens by swinging up and overhead with the help of hinges on both sides to help it attain a full open position. Single panel garage doors can be installed by making use of one track form hardware that allows the door to fold back in a single piece with just the single horizontal track at both sides. Hinges are also placed at the bottom of each side of the door. It iѕ very соmmоn in Eurоре thаn thе Unitеd Stаtеѕ

Roller Door

Roller doors functions just like a sectional door. It has many panels and it usually rolls onto itself. They are made of corrugated steel as well the door coverings and window cover. Other materials include transparent corrugated fiberglass etc.

Corrugations help the door with the strength to withstand impacts. There are large and small roller doors. Large roller door could be found in big commercial places, but not common in the US. A typical roller type of garage door possesses a preloaded spring placed in the rolling mechanism. The rolling mechanism makes use of a manual pulley and a chain system to raise the door higher and lower

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