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Mold F.A.Q

Facing mold in your home of business? In this page i have collected some common questions (and answers) asked by past clients and visitors in our site. Do Not hesitate to contact for additional inform...

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Mold Cleanup Tips and Techniques

I know... you are not a professional mold expert. However, there some cases where you can use your wits and a little bit of cleaning materials to clean mold by yourself. If you dont like the hassle we...

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What is black mold?

We all heard about the existence of black mold at one time or another. If your here i would even venture and add that you've probably discovered some type of mold in your home and are trying to determ...

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Mold Exposure: Facts & Symptoms

The fact is that any home can suffer from mold infestation. Whether you live in a wooden home or a brick building... All thats needed is moist and you get a growth of mold which infuzes itself into ...

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3 Common Types Of Garage Doors

(image credit: BBB Garage Doors) The most prominent element of the home, especially when it comes to the working part is the Garage door. This is why it is crucial to be extremely careful when ...

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